RMS Queen Mary-Themed Afternoon Tea | Memories, History, Fashion & Ghosts (Friday, April 17 Seating)

04/17/2020 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM ET


History Society Event


  • $25.00


The Betsy Shoppe Tea Room
1903 Donner St.
McKeesport (Boston), PA 15135
United States of America


Image result for RMS Queen MaryWe ran this event last year and it was so popular that we decided to run it gain!


Imagine yourself as a passenger on the 1936 maiden voyage aboard the legendary luxury liner RMS Queen Mary. Join us as we step back in time for a period afternoon tea and learn about the history, décor, legends and lore; the fashions and foods of the famous British luxury liner. Patronised by royalty, dignitaries including prime ministers and presidents, film stars, millionaire businessmen and everyday people, this Art Deco gem long held the record for the fastest transatlantic crossing and was beloved by generations of travellers.


During World War II, it was converted to a troop transport ship that contributed to Britain's ultimate victory over the Nazis. In addition to these triumphs, the ship, now in permanent dry dock in Long Beach, California, also endured its share of tragedies and is said to be haunted - we'll hear about some of the Queen Mary's most famous resident ghosts!

The History: Kim Szczypinski, of Duquesne University's Center for Global Engagement and leader of Britsburgh's History Society, will give a historic presentation about the ship.


The Ghosts:  Thomas White, University Archivist and Curator of Special Collections at Duquesne University and author of the books "Supernatural Lore of Pennsylvania:  Ghosts, Monsters and Miracles" (2014) and "Ghosts of Southwestern Pennsylvania" (2010) will explore the legends and lore regarding the Queen Mary's resident spectral passengers.


The Memories: Members of the Petracco Family (Lydia, Linda, and Peter), whose mother crossed the Atlantic on the Queen Mary as a war bride, will share their family's stories of their mother's experiences, and some artifacts from her voyage. 


The Fashion: Deborah Popp Gilbert, Vice President of the Elizabeth Township Historical Society and Britsburgh member will lead a slide presentation on the designer fashions of the era sported by royalty, film stars and others during the ship's heyday. Debbie draws on the Society's vintage clothing collection to inform her presentation and will bring several of these antique outfits on mannequins for display during the program.

The Afternoon Tea: featuring pastries and food inspired by recipes actually served on board the RMS Queen Mary.



12:00 p.m.:  RMS Queen Mary-inspired Afternoon Tea

12:30 p.m.:  Presentation with slides on the history, décor, legends and lore of RMS Queen Mary by Kim Szczypinski

12:50 p.m.:  Ghostly legends and lore of the Queen Mary presented by Thomas White

1:10 p.m.:    Petracco family recollections of their mother's experiences as a war bride who crossed on the Queen Mary

1:30 p.m.:    Golden Age of Travel fashion presentation with slides and commentary by Deborah Popp Gilbert


Price: $25; Britsburgh Members' price: $23. To become a member, visit the Britsburgh membership page.


Reservations/Payment ($5.00 per ticket in advance, balance on the day):  Call The Betsy Shoppe Tea Room(412) 751-6695


For more information on this event, contact Kim Szczypinski of Britsburgh's History Society at kimberly2859@msn.com.


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