Hartwood, Horse and Hound

03/11/2021 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM ET


History Society Event


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Virtual Britsburgh Live presents....


Hartwood, Horse and Hound


For many years in October, Hartwood Acres Park has played host to The Sewickley Hunt. Drag hunting, or draghunting, is a form of equestrian sport, where mounted riders hunt the trail of an artificially laid scent with hounds. The Sewickley Hunt have been drag hunting since 1922 and the Hunt is one of the oldest in the US.


In this Virtual Britsburgh Live event we will explore the English and equestrian origins of Hartwood Acres, look briefly at the origins and history of fox and drag hunting in the local area as well as in the UK. We will be joined by several speakers from the Sewickley Hunt (the only remaining drag hunt in the Pittsburgh area). Pictures and video will be shown throughout.


Hartwood, Horse and Hound will be moderated by Bonny Diver, who has over thirty years' experience in radio, including iHeart Radio, KDKA  and more; she is also a longtime member of the Sewickley Hunt; and Director of Hair Peace Charities




  • Carol Vivaldi, senior docent at Hartwood, will cover the estate's history as well as that of its original owner, Mary Flinn Lawrence (1887-1974), and share rarely seen photos from Hartwood's archive.


  • Discussion with 3 current masters of the Sewickley Hunt about the origins and various aspects of fox and drag hunting, hunt terminology, care of horses and hounds, and hunting in Southwestern Pennsylvania (and comparison with hunting in the UK)


  • Enjoy a video of the last simulated hunt at Hartwood in October 2020. Video commisisioned by Britsburgh for this presentation. Videography by Bryan Murray of Surfdog Media,


Note:  The Sewickly Hunt is a drag hunt in which no animals are harmed.


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